About Us

EASE is the result of the experience in NATO Ships assistance and the passion for yachting of Mr. Salvatore La Macchia. Ease Policy can be resumed in a few words:

Comfort, Bespoke, Quality, Trasparency, Confidentiality, Availability & Flexibility

Our trusted service providers and suppliers will assure you the best quality on the local market.

We operate on a policy of transparency, while maintaining efficiency, high quality, and always with a fair price.

Our team assures you the highest level of confidentiality and around-the-clock availability. Having assisted military ships and subs of the NATO fleet for many years, we know precisely what confidentiality entails, and we hold true to this commitment.

our goal is offer to our customers a unique bespoke service that fits their needs

- Salvatore La Macchia -


We offer you a wide range of exclusive services and solutions. Your request will be met with great care. Contact us to discover more about our skills.

Immeuble "Le Continental"
Entrée B - Place des Moulins
98000 Monaco - Monte-Carlo


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